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Sunday Morning Service 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Our services are very relaxed and casual.  We gather for coffee and pastries around 10:00 am.  
So come a little early and join in the good food and conversation.  
Don't be put off if someone comes up and gives you a big hug.
That's just the way we roll...


One of the things that is exciting about Freedom is the sense of expectation that comes before each service.  

There is structure to what we do, but we intentionally leave plenty of room for the Holy Spirit to move.  So the music might go long, or the pastor could decide to change his message in mid stream.  You never know exactly how it's gonna work out - it's a mystery... 

The cool thing is - it somehow always comes together for the glory of God.  Because we stay out of the way, God orchestrates things in his plan.  The end product is always better than we expected.  

We do a lot more music than you will find in most churches.  This is because our people love to sing and we like to allow the spirit to flow during our time of worship.

Our musical style is strictly contemporary.  

If you like good modern praise and worship music from artists like Chris Tomlin, Lincoln Brewster, Tommy Walker, Paul Baloche, or Laura Story then you may have found a home.  



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