Our Pastors

Barry and Sandy Hayes


Pastor Barry
Barry is originally from Atlanta, Georgia.  He attended Atlanta Christian College, where he earned a degree in Christian Ministry.  He then moved to Florida and began serving as a Youth Pastor, followed by several Senior Pastor positions.

Barry is the primary teaching pastor at Freedom. 

He brings life to the word of God through his messages.  His sermons are filled with humor; but also with passion, wisdom, truth, honesty, humility and relevance.  He preaches a gospel of grace so that everyone can come to understand that God loves them and that they are welcome in the church.  

Barry believes that the church should be a place where people can find peace, love and understanding.  He is not afraid to share his life stories and reveal his own flaws.  He is very real and approachable.

Pastor Sandy
Sandy was born in Dade City, Florida.  She attended Southeastern University and Warner University where she earned a degree in Church Ministry and Leadership.  Prior to getting her degree she served for many years in several ministries in Dade City and Lakeland working as a Youth Pastor.

Sandy was the founder of the East Pasco Youth Ministers Fellowship.  This ministry brought together dozens of churches of different denominations and sponsored youth revivals across central Florida. 


She is a passionate follower of “Her Jesus” and has a desire to share God’s great love with everyone - especially the lost and the hurting.

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